Tuesday, 13 September 2011


This recipe is one of my favorites and it’s not just limited to veal, you can use any meat mince ( beef, pork, ostrich, chicken.) This is a dish high in protein, great for everyone and especially if like me you are training for a race. I have been very attentive lately to not eating too many carbs and keeping my protein intake higher so I can feed my muscles, this way I will be strong for the 9km challenge. I accompany the mini bun-less burgers with string beans, and lots of them. 

I like to make my own burgers and spice them up my own way as opposed to buying pre spiced mince that can be filled with preservatives. Feel free to use the concept of this recipe and adjust it to the flavours you like in a burger.  I keep the size of them relatively small so that I can have more mini burgers on my dish with the same amount of meat I would use for one patty. The key is no bread!!!

Minced veal - 500 g
1 egg
1 ½ Chunky garlic paste from ‘Gourmet Garden’ - about half a tablespoon
1 ½ tbsp. Moroccan herb & spice blend from ‘Gourmet Garden’ - about half a tablespoon (add more for stronger flavor)
Mixed seeds - 1/3 of a cup of sunflower, chia, sesame seeds, etc. (I use a brand called ‘KAPAI PUKU’, the seed of life, I buy it at the organic food store)
Garlic salt
Olive oil - 1½ tablespoon
Raisins - hand full
Pecorino cheese - 30grams
Salt & pepper
Parsley – freshly chopped
Coriander – freshly chopped

* You may add anything else you like in the mince mix, if you would like to add shallots or onions go ahead it’s all a matter of taste. Maybe you have some left over vegetables you grilled the night before…if so, cut them small and work them into the mixture.  The cheese is also optional, if you would like to keep it a bit leaner you don’t have to put it in. The main thing is having a good seed mix that is high in protein…it will also make the mini burgers crunchy. One of the best flavorings for my burgers are the genius products from ‘Gourmet Garden’, they make my life so easy…I just squeeze the fresh herbs in and I’m ready to go. I have spoken with the company and they assured me that no MSG or other harsh preservatives are used in making them; and that is why they have to be refrigerated and have an expiration date. However some of their products in the range have gluten, but it is specified in the back so please check the packaging. I must admit that I’m very happy using them and they save me a lot of time in the kitchen whilst making my food tasty. They also have a Thai seasoning that is divine…
So put the mince, egg, olive oil and the rest of the above ingredients in to the bowl and mix…get in there with your hands to make sure the mince and the ingredients are blended well together…

Now make even meatballs and lay them on a sheet of foil, spray some olive oil on the foil beforehand so that they don’t stick …
Put them in the over at 200 degrees for 15 minutes…I try one just in case they are a bit raw in the middle and go from there…it’s then ready to serve…
I always like to serve some greens on the side so for this dish I made simple green beans.


Green beans – 200 g
Olive oil
Salt & pepper

Cut the ends off the green beans and boil them for 10 minutes in water without salt, make sure you don't over boil them or you will loose all the nutrients.
Drain and serve. Now dress them with extra virgin olive oil  and lemon, add salt & pepper….Yummy and quick!
What may seem like burned little pieces of cardboard on my plate are actually really tasty onions I quickly cooked in a pan. I need to get a new camera ...My poor iPhone camera is not doing my food justice!!!

Here is a picture of the cooking process. They are just onions, a little olive oil salt and pepper...

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  1. Yummy Veal Burgers, so easy to make. I really love the Gourmet Kitchen herb and spices, keep up the great recipes and well done yet again. Sue X