Monday, 3 September 2012

Spinach, Tuna and Pomodori e Cipolla Rossa Pesto Pappardelle

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 First I will apologise for not having blogged in a while. I have no help and need some urgently, LOL.  I cook every night, still take pictures but I must admit that on more than one occasion I have ended up with only half the recipe photographed and worst not writing down ingredients. This is mostly because I come home tired from being at the gallery all day or in and out of meetings and I am rushing to put food on the table, and to be honest i am usually the one who is hungriest.
 Tonight my last appointment finished at 7:45 and it was 8 pm before I walked in the door and the whole family was starving. I always try to have a fridge that is stocked but tonight I had not planned ahead, no meat or chicken defrosted no fresh assortment of veggies.(I'm a mess lets put it simply). But one thing that I have learned to accept is I can't do it all.. and sometimes in survival mode we get the best results. My mom, from her recent visit, left a package of egg pappardelle, a really nice pasta that is made with an egg base and is very soft even if cooked al dente.. a beautiful consistency perfect for ragù. Then in the back of the pantry I found my little saviour, a jar of the Barilla Pomodori e Cipolla Rossa Pesto (Tomato and red onion ) and a can of tuna...I think if you look through the blog you will find I have more than one pasta recipe with tuna- not to be repetitive but hey when in doubt pasta with tuna always saves the day. I don't think I am telling any of  you something you don't already know or experience yourself, how busy and hectic life can be and still when you get home you have to get on with the program. So no winging.. this is an easy recipe and it will take only 10 minutes.

The pasta tasted so nice, that even though I'm totally exhausted I'm still here typing away because it was totally worth it..hope that if anything it inspires you to put together ingredients that can save the day in case you had not planned accordingly.

Recipe goes:

1 garlic clove
1/2 red onion sliced thinly
1 jar of Barilla pomodori e cipolla rossa (tomato and red onion)
300 g or a bag of fresh spinach
1 can of tuna (regular size can)
Olive oil
350g of Pappardelle all'uovo (egg pappardelle).

Chop the garlic and red onion. In a pan pour  2 table spoons of olive oil wait for the oil to heat up and throw the garlic and onion in, stir and wait for it to start browning..once the garlic and onion have browned place the drained tuna in and stir evenly.

Cook together for about 2 minutes and then add the spinach. You will notice the spinach will become soft quickly then add the whole jar of the Barilla  tomatoes and red onion pesto.
Mix everything evenly allow to cook for 2 minutes then remove from the heat. I do not add any salt or pepper because the Barilla pesto has a very strong flavour.


Cook the papardelle in a large pot filled with salted boiling water, this pasta needs lots of water to move in. You may add a drop of olive to the water but only very little. This pasta should only cook for 4 to 5 minute read the package carefully. Stir often.

Place the tomato and red onion Barilla pesto, spinach and  tuna sauce in a bowl. Once the pasta is cooked drain it but leave a little bit of water this will allow the pasta to mix more evenly with the sauce. Mix the pasta in the large bowl before serving. At this point you will notice if you need to add more olive oil or not.

You may, as a finishing touch, add some fresh basil and chilli along with parmigiano reggiano cheese.


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