Sunday, 18 March 2012

PINK BOW TIE PASTA - Holly's Favourite

Pink Bow Tie Pasta - or Pink Farfalle is Holly, my step daughter's, favourite pasta. I first called this pasta 'surprise pasta',because I learned quickly you don't tell kids everything you put in your recipes, as the first response will be "Gross I'am not eating that"!!!
Then fitting that we are a very pink family I have renamed this dish 'Pink Bow Tie Pasta'.
This recipe is one that is really special to me because my mom used to make it when I was little (her version is different to the one I make for Holly I will give you that recipe later.) Holly my beautiful, funny and charming step daughter has always been very difficult with food; I think that many children these days are. I could give you a list of what she used to like because it is much shorter than what she didn't like. She loved french fries (chips), chicken schnitzel, vegimtie sandwiches and that is it..oh and of course chocolate..but I don't even consider that food. The other thing that she ate outside of white food, fried food or chocolate was feta cheese dipped in beet root juice.  I figured this was a peculiar combination but not one that was foreign to me. So my goal at the beginning was not only to get her to eat healthier but to eat a variety of things. 
At the beginning I thought it was not normal for children to not eat what was on their plate, since as a kid I ate everything my mother cooked. (Plus I had no children of my own to compare the experience.)  I have asked other parents and everyone seems to be having some sort of a problem or another getting their kids to not only eat healthy but eat everything on their plate. It is hard folks, it's like we are torn between saying- eat everything on your plate kids in Africa are starving and/or don't eat all of that junk you don't want to get fat and sick... ahh 
Anyway, I have slowly won my battle with food and it has taken lots of love and patience. We are now at the point that my step daughter eats meats like lamb, beef, and salmon and will eat cauliflower and other veggies besides the staples (peas, carrots, corn)...and eats pasta. HURRAY!!!

( Two useful tips I read that have made sense to me and explain why our kids today have bad eating patterns is because they snack too much. So when its dinner time they have no appetite for the healthy things we put in their plate. Also if there is a lolly/chips or chocolate drawer in the house maybe it is best for kids not to have direct & easy access to it, as they will eat and you will not notice. The clue there is monitor your pantry)

This pasta is fun because it is PINK, kids love the colour...beetroot juice will make the cream go pink... it's a fun way to mix it up a Aussies love beetroot :)  Not everyone may like this recipe but it has worked for me and when its one of those days that I really don't know what to cook I know she will be happy with her PINK BOW TIE Pasta :) 


150g of Bow Tie (also called Farfalle)
1/2 of a cup of fresh cream 
1/4 of a cup of beetroot juice (from the can) 
100g of feta cheese (1/2 a pack of the regular size feta cheese)
1/2 a table spoon of butter 
Dash of garlic salt

(If you feel that the flavour is too bitter for you add another kind of cheese even Tasty cheese is nice or any cheese your child eats). 

Cook your bow tie pasta in boiling water (remember to add a dash of salt to the water) for as long as instructed.
In a sauce pan pour the cream and then the beetroot juice, stir and  let it cook slowly on low-medium heat...

Add the feta cheese and butter, plus a dash of garlic salt...and any other cheese you may want to add.

 Let it cook until the bow tie pasta is ready. Once it is ready mix the pasta and the sauce together and your pasta is ready!

(I have no luck with pictures...these are so small...have tried to make them bigger but no luck, just get close to the screen LOL xx Enjoy )

If you have success stories about how you got your children to eat or try different foods I want to know so please share your story!!!! xx


  1. hmm That sounds really good :D
    I love pasta myself- but I totally don't like brockoli or cauliflower(unless it is in frikasse and cut very small) or brussel sprouts .
    This recipe sounds great , I may try it soon :D

  2. This is great for the kids. My niece is a fussy eater and really enjoyed it. I didn't tell her it had beetroot in it because "she doesn't like it. I am not saying a word . Love the personal touch of your stories, thank-you. xx Sue