Monday, 6 February 2012


I'm not a nutritionist but some basic rules can keep you and your family lean.
1# Fruit juice is out. I just don’t touch it. Or any soft drink for that matter. (Yes we are human and yes occasionally I have one..but don’t make it a part of your life. Fruit Juice has lots of empty one glass of juice could equal a full meal..the sugar in sodas is scary) 
2# Moderation. My blog has a recipe for mascarpone stuffed dates. I love them. But they are to be eaten in moderation. Anything is to be eaten in moderation, better to leave the table not feeling super full.
3# Diets that restrict one food group don't always equal long term weightloss. We need carbs they are the bodies fuel. (stay away from white bread and white rice) healthier option is brown rice and breads with grains/seeds etc. (1 slice don't eat  1/2 a loaf for breakfast).
4# Make cooking a healthy meal a priority it shouldn’t take a long time. There are so many great quick recipes that can be done in minutes.
5# The chemicals in processed foods are very strong they are addictive and will harm taste buds. When you eat a very processed food and then have a vegetable it will taste bland because your taste bud have been over powered by the  salts and additives. Avoid them at all costs. I don’t like to eat processed foods… and avoid fast food..
6# Eat lots of lean meats, whole grains, vegetables and keep the fiber coming..Fiber unless you have a colon problem is your friend!!
7# Make wise food choices and especially informed decision when buying chicken or other meats that may contain harmful hormones...I don't trust the hormones...but that is me...
8# Children should not be deprived of chips, cookies and soft drinks because in my belief it creates to much emphasis,like they are forbidden, then they will want more of it...(obviously they should be consumed moderately a birthday party, weekend etc) Every parent knows what is best for their child. 
9# Chew food slowly...(I'm the fastest eater in the world and I always have to remember to chew my food slowly. 1st and most important part of the digestion happens in your mouth)
10# Do not sit at home and watch shows about over weight people unless you are on your treadmill at home!!! Weight loss is maths you have to out put more than you input!!!!


  1. Good advise if only I could do it all. I need to drink more water each day, it has always been hard to keep up. well done with this blog.

  2. plz tell recpe of any indian dish if u know....

  3. actually i don't have much knowledge abt aus food... whatever dish u like.. i will love to learn...

  4. This is such a healthy tips :) Thanks for sharing ! Please also share some Food Recipes for us

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